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Posted on Friday 11th April 2008

See my 2011 sculpture exhibition, the Hand of the Maker ..... here

See the launch of Fabulous Folkestone! by AffordART ..... here

See HG Wells' The Sea Lady... a Tissue of Moonshine ..... here

See Elena Priestley, Portrait Artist sketching "Moda" John ..... here

See Ed & Margaret Burke's exclusive Folkestone Glass ..... here

See Mark Sutherland ..... here

See Afro Celotto creating his

See Tracey-Anne Pryke video.... here

See Vic Bamforth video ..... here

See The Old High Street (just before Christmas 2007)..... here

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Posted on Sunday 14th February 2016

While still trading in my semi-retardment I'm unlikely to hold any  exhibitions.... but who knows

Christmas Exhibtion & Sale... Siddy Langley and Friends 10th & 11th December 10am to 5pm each day

Posted on Monday 5th December 2011

10th & 11th December 10am to 5pm each day

with a preview on Friday 9th 6-8pm

at 66 The Old High Street Folkestone CT20 1RN

The selling exhibition with Christmas mince pies will feature glass by Siddy Langley and ALSO include other Pottery, Glass, small Sculpture and Pictures.

 Siddy says... "With the new studio looming in the new year the exhibition... an opportunity to say good-bye to some of my older designs.The new studio will be smaller than the old one and I have decided not to set up the system required to make iridescent work. Therefore, once I close down the existing studio, I will no longer be able to make iridescent pieces. To mark that event I am making a limited edition of GTI pieces. This is nothing to do with fuel injected touring Volkswagons, it stand for Goodbye To Iridescence. There will be 75 small iridescent pieces which will be signed Siddy Langley GTI and numbered 1/75, 2/75 etc...." 25 will be available at Neville’s exhibition in Folkestone on the 9th, 10th and 11th December.


by the Hand of the Maker... 24th June to 10th July (and beyond) 2011

Posted on Tuesday 12th April 2011

from 24th June to 10th July 2011 at MODA Underground 11 Rendezvous Street Folkestone CT20 1EY

Sculpture is the realisation in form of an adored image. An image that has resonated with peculiar intensity in the mind of the artist. Not that you have to be an artist for an exceptional image to dwell in the mind. The artist just has the feeling with intensity sufficient that he has to express it outside. His work is a revelation, more or less perfect, of his inner image containing, by art, his real emotion as recognisable truth.
Some are naturally gifted in the realisation of a form whether copied from life or given material reality from the mind. Others can build up skills with continuous practice. As humans we long to express those things that move us deeply. Sculpture is one of many possibilities. We might sing them, dance them, paint them, speak of them in prose or poetry, act them in the theatre or care for them devotedly. And because we are all human we are able to respond to each other’s expressions and learn from them.
In particular we respond with reverence to the vision of a great sculptor who makes plain to us, in fresh expression, a kiss, an animal, children at play, a spiritual being, any figure showing refined emotions like pity, submission, peace, loftiness of mind or passionate emotions like rage, terror and aggression.  Or an abstraction suggesting any of these things.
We appreciate also a good sculptor who can copy something of an every day scene with great accuracy. A famous politician or a general on horseback for example. There are grades of excellence here, too, that although extraordinary at times, pale in significance when compared to the direction and new expression shown us by a great sculptor. 
Third is the sculpture that has nothing particular to say but proffers its material in itself and takes a satisfactory shape that works in three dimensions as well as showing the maker’s mastery of his craft. In an altogether different ranking is the conceptual work or installation. The display, frequently of an obvious enough idea, that momentarily diverts and distracts but does not have lingering worth or qualities of illumination.
Briony Kapoor 2001

AffordART... Fabulous Folkestone! 27th & 28th March at The Grand

Posted on Tuesday 23rd February 2010

The Neville Pundole Gallery in association with Eisen Fine Arts (France)     

A selling exhibition of affordable, original paintings from artists around the world but focussing on local artists celebrating fabulous Folkestone!

  The Grand The Leas  Folkestone  CT20 2XL

27th & 28th March

Siddy Langley... 21st & 22nd November

Posted on Friday 13th November 2009

Siddy Langley... will demonstrating her lamp-working skills making Glass Jewellery. She will have a vast range of her superb Art Glass suitable for Christmas gifts.  Spend your Christmas voucher.  Wine will be served. Saturday& Sunday 21st & 22nd November 11.00 to 4.00


Folkestone Book Festival 2009

Posted on Friday 13th November 2009

A selling exhibition of work by  Artists created in response to the books of Herbert George Wells 5th – 15th November  Prior to moving to Folkestone I ran a successful gallery in Canterbury. During those 10 years I curated a number of major exhibitions that were popular with the public while also gaining favourable press reviews. Two memorable exhibitions were based on books with connections to Canterbury by Geoffrey Chaucer and Christopher Marlowe. In support of the Folkestone book Festival 2009, with these successes in mind I've chosen an author who lived and worked in Folkestone. Works inspired not only by his most famous books “The War of the Worlds” and The Time Machine” but also “The Sea Lady... a Tissue of Moonshine” which he wrote while living here. Pottery, Glass and Paintings... Each exhibitor has responded in their own unique way to this book by this - our once local - literary giant.

The Sea Lady... a Tissue of Moonshine

Posted on Friday 28th August 2009

Exhibition open Saturday 5th to Saturday 26th September 

A selling exhibition of work by eight Artists created in response to the book The Sea Lady... A Tissue of Moonshine by HG Wells.

Prior to moving to Folkestone I ran a successful gallery in Canterbury. During those 10 years I curated a number of major exhibitions that were popular with the public while also gaining favourable press reviews. Two memorable exhibitions were based on books with connections to Canterbury: Chaucer’s “Canterbury Tales” and Marlowe’s “Dr. Faustus”In support of the HG Wells Festival, with these successes in mind I've chosen a book, set and written in Folkestone, around which to base this latest exhibition. HG Wells wrote “The Sea Lady... a Tissue of Moonshine” while living here and his narrative sets its action in such familiar places as the beach, town centre, the Metropole and Folkestone’s famous grassy promenade - the Leas. Written in 1902, when Folkestone was considered to be the most elegant seaside destination in Britain, Wells has mermaid choosing to visit!In Pottery, Glass, Bronze and Paintings... Each exhibitor has responded in their own unique way to this book by this - our once local - literary giant.(10% of the price of each item sold will be donated to support the HG Wells Festival)

Summer Scents

Posted on Thursday 16th July 2009

The Neville Pundole Gallery Summer Exhibition
 “Summer Scents”
Saturday 25th July to Monday 31st August

A selling exhibition of Scent Bottles and Flasks from eight celebrated British Glass Artists selected from the best around the country...... Roger Tye, Sunderland * David Wallace and Andrew Sanders, North Yorkshire * Allister Malcolm, West Midlands * Will Shakspeare, Somerset * Siddy Langley, Devon * Ed Burke, Cheshire * Martin Evans, Isle of Wight

Elena Priestley ..... Portraits

Posted on Wednesday 3rd June 2009

20th June  to  5th July

Elena will be at the gallery during her exhibition from 11am to 4pm (closed Mondays

View a number of her completed works; watch her draw and paint, sit for her for few minutes, see your likeness tranferred to paper ... for you to keep!

Elena’s work shows a competent maturity of styles, technique and composition linked with a youthful and vivacious though sensitive portrayal of her subjects. She can use her brush to create delicate and subtle or bright and strident studies of the people around their character and spirit. A lasting legacy of a family member, your baby, children, your darling cat or dog, your lover ..... Elena can deliver!

Annie Soudain ... “Birds - Flowers - Fruit ”

Posted on Tuesday 21st April 2009

An exhibition of Paintings, Linoprints and Heritage Toys 2nd to 31st May

Meet Annie on Friday 1st May 6.00-8.00

Born near Dover in Kent she studied for four years at the then Canterbury College of Art. Taught art in Brighton, left to have three children and lived for several years on boats in England and France before settling by the sea in Sussex.

Following an exhibition at Folkestone's Metropole Arts Centre, Annie was one of several artists from the South-East selected to contribute work for the cabins of a refurbished Saga cruise ship, the Saga Rose. She was also commissioned to paint three large panels for a bar area, and later, when the ship underwent further refurbishment, three even larger panels were commissioned and installed, depicting 'Birds, Flowers, and Fruit of the World'.

Commissioned to decorate a life-size fibreglass cow for CowParade London 2002. ‘Dawn Cowrus’ (Annie covered the cow with birds) stood in the grounds of the Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood throughout the summer and autumn of that year. It was voted ‘CowParade Champion’ in a Farmer's Weekly poll and was later auctioned at the Royal Smithfield Show to raise money for charity.

Annie Soudain enjoys painting in watercolour, gouache, and silk dyes (wax-resist); also printmaking — mostly linocuts, using various techniques. Fabric collage is another favourite medium.